About Us

Our Mission

“RIGHT PLACE TO EVERY STUDENT” – We had always being thriving to improve our skills to ensure that every student who comes to us is places in the right country and right institution which matches his profile.

Who We Are

UNICONNECT, the name synonyms what we are, initially started as an student group we had helped many students to process their applications to various countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. With the support from different alumni in these countries our motivation to help the students had given us this initiation to start this web site. We do not have any specific clients as of now and we process to almost all the university’s student is interested to apply for. We can help the student in choosing his university by evaluating his profile and then applying to the universities that student would finalise upon.

Our expertise in understanding the university requirements has been enabling us in helping students in applying to the best possible university that he is interested in. Our support team had been in this field for more than 7 years and had been well versed in all the countries. Few of our team members had been to various institutions in various countries and have strong understanding of the education system and the places. I am thankful to all the alumni who had gone to various countries through us and also my team who had been constantly updating their knowledge and had been sharing the same with the students who approach us. It is with their feedbacks and help, we are here today.

Our quality and comprehensive knowledge has taught us as how to guide students towards a successful education path abroad


  • “TRANSPARENCY” - We want the process to be a transparent one. We see that student should process his applications on his own; he should understand every step of the process happening with his admission process: we are just the support to the students.

  • We shall ensure that transparency is assured at every stage of the process.