Australia is a Happy, friendly and welcoming country. It is 4th happiest country in the world followed by Canada, New Zealand and Sweden. Australia is a beautiful continent which is well reputed for kangaroos, koalas and surfing and much more. The area covering 7.69 million square kilometers, which makes it the 6th largest country in the world in terms of area. Country’s population is about 2.41 million. Its prosperous culture and olden times are reflected in its Aboriginal inheritance. It is currently blend of vibrant cultures.
Quality of Education:

• The country is home to over 1,100 institutions and 43 universities of with 7 universities are placed under the top 100 universities in the World
• Australian qualifications are worldwide recognized
• Variety of courses available to choose from
• Out of 50 best Student cities in the world, 6 are Australian Cities (Melbourne – 5, Sydney – 13, Brisbane – 20, Canberra – 22, Adelaide – 44, Perth – 50)
Work Permits and Residency:

• On successful completion of studies, students are entitled to avail Post Study Work Permits in Australia and Country also offers Permanent Residency afterwards.
• While studies students are allowed to work part time and during vacations or study breaks, full time work is allowed.
Pay rates:

• Australia has highest minimum Take home wages in the world. Student can earn by working part time to support studies and living expenses in Australia.
Practical method of teaching and up to date curriculum:

• Education system of Australia is majorly practice oriented so students get in depth knowledge of the subject which can directly be implemented in the industry.
• Course curriculum is updated time by time and on regular basis so students there can avail updated knowledge which is the need of job market

Australian Universities have wide range of programs. So it provides opportunity to select the specailsed programs which suits students capabilities, interest, academic goals and financial background.

Quality of a program:

Selection of Institution:

• Good programs contain academic training.
•Strength of the program is practical approach
• Focus on development of career path
• Interesting program design
Courses are separate or integrated
• List of requirement for admission.
• Admission policies and procedures for international

• Cover theoretical and practical aspects.
• Optimum Tuition Cost
• Healthy Culture
• Location and Climate
• Experienced faculties
• Campus placements
• Chosen field of study
suitable Infrastructure
• Laboratory and library facility
• International Student assistance