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  • Why Choose NEW ZEALAND?
  • Education Scenario
  • Application Procedure
  • Entry + Eligibility Requirements

Why choose New Zealand:

  1. Lowest unemployment rate in the world.
  2. Guaranteed work permits after successful completion of program.
  3. Broad range of study and research opportunities.
  4. Education in New Zealand is based on Levels – from Level 1 to 10.
  5. One of the safest destination with low crime rate and corruption.
  6. The country having lots of natural scenery and beautiful beaches along with better opportunity.
  7. Settlement options available for students.
  8. Less population which means less competition.
  9. World renowned industries are part of Australia which leads the professionals for better future.
  10. Job oriented course.
  11. High quality of education with comparatively lower cost.

Education Scenario:

Practical and Industry oriented Education

Flexible Curriculum

Worldwide reputed institutes

Education System:

Education System in New Zealand is divided into levels and following is level wise system – International students can go from 4th to 10th Level:



Entry Requirements – Academics

Entry Requirements – IELTS

Level 5


Class 12th – 50%


Level 6

Advance Diploma

Class 12th – 50%


Level 7

Bachelors & Graduate Diploma

Bachelors – Class 12th

Graduate Diploma – Bachelors


Level 8

PG Diploma

Bachelors -55%


Level 9


Bachelors with 1st Class + Experience


Level 10


Masters with 1st Class + Research exp.

6.5/ 7.0

Application Process:

Step: 1 – Application

Step: 2 – Offer Letter

Step: 3 – Visa File Preparation, PVC, Medical, Funds

Step: 4 – VISA File Lodgment

Step: 5 – AIP (Approval in Principle)

Step: 6 – Fees payment

Step: 8 – Final VISA Approval

Step: 9 – Fly


Academic requirements varies in different Institutes. Average requirement is 60 – 65% marks in most recent education (Few universities ask higher than this and there are few who accept lesser than this as well)

English Requirements:

As Medium of Instruction in New Zealand is English, student need to prove his/ her level of English by appearing any English language tests approved by New Zealand Institutes/INZ, New Zealand by achieving required score. New Zealand accepts following English language tests:

IELTS: 6.5 Bands required for Masters and for bachelors 6.0 bands

PTE: 59 for masters and For Bachelors 51

TOEFL: 80 for masters and for bachelors 70

*Please note, all institutes don’t accept all test scores. Please contact Respective Student Advisor at UniConnect for details.