Admission Tutoring

Admission Tutoring

Getting admission in an international institution requires a few prerequisites that every student needs to fulfil. At Uniconnect, we undertake mentoring by enlightening students about the requirement of academics, tests preparation such as GRE & SAT, language proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL. We also encourage students to involve in extra-curricular activities, community services, etc., before the deadline requirement and in turn, saving their precious time. We guide candidates on the steps they should take in advance to build a solid profile including advice on choosing an internship, extra-curricular activities and professional experience, voluntary and social activities etc., to enhance their prospects of admission. We also brief candidates on the financial aid options available, so that students can apply. We also help students prepare for admission/visa interviews, which acts as a mandated requirement for a few institutions.


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