If you are getting a chance to study abroad, according to me, you should never miss it. Apart from knowing about a totally different social culture and language, studying abroad is going to add an unparalleled complexity to your university experience. Below is a list of countries that you can consider going to for your studies, be it bachelors or masters.

Study in USA – The land of Innovations

The USA has nearly 4000+ universities. From the internationally renowned Ivy League schools to the hub of inventions and innovations, especially into the IT industry. Studying from a US-based educational institution; you are going to have opportunities that would ultimately give an experience of a lifetime. According to 2018 open door report, the total number of international students exceeded 1 million for the consecutive third year with an increase in 1.5% reaching a new high of 1,094,792 students. The US is known for its amazing educational system, if wish to have a break in between your studies or switch between universities, IT IS POSSIBLE.

Study in Canada – A Country with a Multi-cultural society

Since the time Canada open doors for international students, there has been a constant rise in the number of students going to Canada to pursue their higher education. Toronto has always been the preferred city always for most of the students. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, only in 2018 more than 5 million students have enrolled in the Canadian Education Institutions. Majority of the students are from India and China. With a mixed cultural society and a stunning natural environment, a student is exposed to a lot of learning and is able to explore to an unimaginable extent.

Study in Australia and Be a Part of the Face-Paced Society
Australia has been one of the world’s top destinations for international students. With year-round sunshine, sandy beaches and an amazing lifestyle, who on this Earth wouldn’t want to go to Australia for their studies? Australians are really super cool. Australian universities are well prepared to support newcomers. Indian students prefer going to Australia because of two things:
The weather conditions which is very similar to that if India.The return on investment (ROI) in Australia proves to be one of the best.
Australia is an abode for more than 5 million international students and the number every year are constantly going up.
Study in UK & Manage the World

If we look back two decades, UK was the destination that started the trend of overseas education. An international degree from a renowned institution creates a great value for an individual’s profile. Relatively, the fees might be high compared to other institutions in the world, but you can definitely look for scholarships. If you are looking forward to taking up courses related to Business, Sciences, Art, Design, Photography, etc., UK serves you with amazing options. Students work on part-time jobs to support their living and this is possible only because of the flexible opportunities the easily fit around university schedules.

Study in Singapore – A Well-developed Country

Singapore is an island nation, known for its vibrant and modern culture and infrastructure. With a multicultural society, it also offers a fast-paced and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The education system is well developed, Singapore has proven to be one a leader in higher education in Asia and also worldwide. The cost of living is pretty affordable compared to other countries and getting a Singapore study VISA is not at all challenging. Living in Singapore offers you a great chance to learn a new language as the official languages are English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil.

Study in New Zealand – A Destination Known for its Scenery

This unique country has excellent study opportunities with gorgeous scenery. It offers a safe living environment and the communities are welcoming. All 8 universities in NZ offer world-class education. Students are exposed to thinking out of the box and finding solutions to the problems. If you are looking forward to making your mark in the service industry, NZ serves with the best education.

These are a few countries where you can think of if you are planning to abroad for your studies.

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