If you are a prospective student and looking forward to pursuing education in Canada, there is good news for you!! Yaay!! The year 2018 is going to be a big box of opportunity for you as the Canadian government has a plan to welcome more than 500,000 international students and this has never been so exciting.

Canada has the base of the top colleges and universities in the world and these universities/colleges are actively enrolling international students. Follow these steps to get an understanding as to how can you make your mark as a student in a foreign land.

Understand the basic qualification needed

Candidates need to understand the basic requirements in order to apply to any Canadian college/university. You also need to analyze and understand the rules and regulations to apply for the study permit.

It is advised to plan your application at least 6-8 months in advance. The basic requirements one needs to focus are as below.

Updated Passport Score card of the English proficiency test you have appeared with minimum grades/bands (TOEFL/IELTS) Certificates and Mark sheets of the completed education from the beginning.Proof that your study can be financed Proof that you can take care of the living expenses
FYI: The requirements varies between provinces/college or university you are applying.
Chose your Institution and Course wisely

Make sure that the institution you are selecting ascertains to a designated Learning Institute. Although the Canadian Education System is flexible when it comes to switching course, however, it is always a good practice to have a proper comparison of your options before hand.

Basically you should know what you are truly interested to pursue.

Do not ignore the English Proficiency tests

Your door to admission in a Canadian institution is achieved by attaining the minimum grades of not less than overall 6.5 in IELTS. IELTS is always the preferred test to prove your proficiency in the English Language, with certain institutions also consider your TOEFL/PTE score.

Make sure to shortlist preferred exam well in advance and be open to brushing up your language skills because, you definitely wouldn’t want your application to be rejected.

FYI- Score 6.5 not less than 6.0 minimum in IELTS if you really wish to make your way through an esteemed college/university.

Start applying to Colleges/Universities

Once you have short listed the institutions of your choice according to the course and geographical area, it’s now the time you start sending your applications one-by-one. There is no restriction to the number of universities/colleges you apply to, however, it is always suggested that you do not end applying to all of them or any random institution.

Please be assured that there is an application fee thestudents need to bear while applying, which ranges from $65 CAD – $170 CAD.

Student Visa Application

Once you have received an offer letter from the institution, which confirms your admission, it is now the time that you should apply for a Canadian study permit. You can either do it online or reach out to the nearest visa application center. Your visa application should be accompanied by your passport, letter of acceptance from the respected college/university, adequate proofs to support your study and living expense, etc.

Its time to Fly to Canada

Once your application is processed and your Visa is approved by the immigration officer, after an interview, if needed, its now the time that you make your arrangements to travel to Canada.

The permit that you receive has a start and an end date. Please be advised that you will not be allowed to enter Canada before the 30 days from the date mentioned in your visa.

We, at Uniconnect Overseas Consultancy, provide end to end assistance to students if they are looking forward to pursue education in their preferred location.

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